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Charles Robert Northup was Born 9/6/1942 at home in Greenwood, WI second child to Ralph E. Northup and Bernice Louise Mertes. Charles married Donna Fitzl and they had three children together: Roger, Laurie and Susan. Charles second marriage was to Ruth Karlen. Charles then married a third time to Bernice Heintz

Charlie's wife, Bernice, was born 4-29-46. She has 3 kids: Peggy (2-7-69), William (3-13-70), and Kenneth (5-8-71). Their last name is Grass. 9-2-88.

Charles Robert Northup Family

Children of Charles and Donna Northup

Roger Northup DOB: 7-25-64
Laurie Northup DOB: 7-11-65
Susan Northup DOB: 5-6-70